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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth can discolour for various reasons. Staining comes from the food and drinks we consume. Tea and coffee drinking as well as smoking are common strainers. Teeth whitening is a simple and successful process which removes the staining agent through chemical means. Treatment results usually depend on the severity of discolouration and will vary from patient to patient. It is not effective on dental restorations, metal or porcelain crowns.

The dentist will recommend the most ideal method based on your oral condition after examination to establish the cause and nature of your tooth discolouration and provide you with more information on the various types of whitening procedures available. Ask one of our dentists in Redcliffe about out cosmetic dentistry.

ZOOM! Whitening

Your teeth can be whitened up to several shades immediately using this technique in our Practice.

Home Whitening

A whitening gel is placed in a custom-made tray which you can wear whilst asleep or during the day for short periods.



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