Standard braces in Redcliffe

Options for Braces in Redcliffe

At Now Dental we offer a variety of orthodontic options and there is no simple answer to say what is best for everyone. Here we customise your orthodontic treatment plan based on your individual needs and desires. You do not need to wait till all baby teeth fall out or consider it too late for orthodontics when you are past your teen years.

As part of our regular examination, we will survey and screen for your orthodontic needs and suggest orthodontics when there are some real benefits for both looks (both smile and facial bone structure), health of gums and jaw joints.

While you still have baby teeth, we screen for habit correction (thumb sucking, tongue ties, lip traps, tongue thrusting), mouth breathing issues and cross bites. We also work together with Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons that understand the relationship between airways and dental facial growth patterns. We also work with a speech pathologist who is also qualified in myofunctional training. They help teach you to normalise orofacial muscles and habits. To normalise growth patterns, it is best to identify these problems early.

At Now Dental we offer:
  • Early Intervention Orthodontics (Expansion, Habit Correction appliances etc)
  • Functional Appliances
  • 6 Months Braces
  • Standard Fixed Braces
  • Orthodontics with the assistance of bone anchorage
  • Orthodontics with surgical assistance
  • Invisalign (Clear Braces)
  • White/Ceramic Braces

At Now Dental we use the Individual Patient (IP) Appliance™( which is the first customized appliance system in the world. Each bracket for each tooth is selected for each individual after a extensive workup using cutting edge computer generated orthodontics technology.

Individual Patient (IP) Appliance™ benefits are:

  • Customised
  • Faster Treatment
  • Fewer treatment visits
  • More Comfort



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