Oral Hygiene

We aim to prevent dental disease rather than treat it later. Although a lot of people come to the dentist thinking that we can manage their oral health, the majority of the work has to be done at home.

Your oral hygiene is the most important factor to consider when it comes to having a smile that you can be proud of. If you do not maintain good oral hygiene then the following issues are inevitable:

  • Decaying teeth- A high intake of sugars can lead to the need for fillings, extractions and other restorative treatment.
  • Gum disease- Gingivitis, if not treated, can easily lead to periodontal disease causing infection and loss of surrounding bone.
  • Bad Breath- More of a social issue but important to a person’s self-confidence.

Oral hygiene can easily be taken care of as long as you put aside time each and every day. Plaque is a film of bacteria which forms on the surface of our teeth and gums every day. To prevent decay and gum disease, you need to make sure you remove plaque from your teeth every day. Brushing and flossing does this.

Tips on maintaining ideal oral hygiene

  • Brush twice a day with a small headed soft tooth brush
  • Minimum brushing time 2 minutes
  • Manual toothbrushes should be changed every 6 weeks
  • Floss and /or use interdental brushes once a day
  • Mouthwashes are not recommended, unless prescribed
  • Routine check-ups for an examination can help identify any developing problems early on. Dental hygiene treatment includes professionally cleaning the teeth for the patient. This is usually called scaling and polishing.

However, perhaps our most important role in oral hygiene is showing the patient the best way to keep the teeth free of plaque.



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