Children's Dentistry

At Now Dental we promote prevention is better than cure. Baby teeth are important! They are necessary not only for appearance, eating and smiling, but also maintain space for adult teeth to grow in straight.

Caring for your child’s teeth

  • Try not to leave the child’s milk (breast milk is no exception) or juice bottle in the mouth overnight or for long periods. Constant sipping over long periods is the most common cause of dental decay in infants.
  • Teach and encourage brushing habits early and frequently (twice a day) to keep plaque levels low.
  • Use a child’s toothpaste until your child is able to spit out, as it has half the fluoride.
  • Drink tap water as it has fluoride to strengthen enamel as adult teeth are developing.
  • The frequent exposure to sugary and acidic juices, cordials and soft drinks causes decay in children.
  • Provide healthy snacks between meals such as cheese, fruit, yoghurt and vegetable sticks.
  • Begin dental visits early and maintain routine and regular check-ups.

We would like you to bring your child to see us as young as 2 years of age so they can get use to being at the dental practice. We can have practice rides in the chair with your child seated on your lap. Your child will soon be confident enough to sit on their own for a check-up and clean. It is important that children associate a visit to the dentist as a pleasant one. These memories will stay with your child into adulthood and a pleasant first experience alone will remove future apprehension about visiting the dentist.

From infants to teens, routine and regular check-ups are necessary to prevent minor problems becoming major ones. Your dentist is then able to detect early decay and educate you and your child on the negative effects that habits such as snoring, mouth breathing, thumb sucking, lip trap and tongue thrusting will have on dental and facial development. Erich has a special interest and experience in this area of dentistry dealing with these problems and is able to educate and provide early intervention treatment during the child’s development years.



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